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Annica Fischer
8 Things You Can Do To Unleash More Creativity (and Be Happier)!

8 Things You Can Do To Unleash More Creativity (and Be Happier)!

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This week, I sat down with photographer, podcaster, writer, and successful mompreneur, Brooke Schultz. I've always wished I could be more creative so when I came across Brooke, I had to capture some of her tips. Here are the top 8 takeaways from our conversation.

  1. Get some failure under your belt.  Everyone needs to fail more.
  2. Answer the question, "what is that you want to do and create versus what everyone else is telling you do and create?"
  3. Imagine your creativity as a playground - just make it fun! Don’t suppress your creativity based on comparison. Be curious. Say small yeses. See what it sparks. 
  4. Creative people are happier and more energized - and guess what you’re creative, too. Figure out what your creative outlet is. It doesn’t have to be good. It just had to be good for you. 
  5. Drop in to presence. Be 100% where you are. Rest where you can. 
  6. Create an alter-ego to help you move past your mental blocks.
  7. It’s about the process, not the end goal. Enjoy the thrill of the rollercoaster ride of life.
  8. Don't let your desires die out. Keep them watered, even if it's in small ways. They'll bloom in due time. 

"The thrill of a rollercoaster ride is in all of the twists and turns and dips along the way"

So many of us steer away from trying any new "creative endeavor" simply because we don't think we'd be good at it.  I loved the mental shift on it not having to be good, but rather good for you.  Stay inspired. Don't compare.  Try new things. Have more fun! See what your creativity might spark. 


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