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The One Thing You Need to Do to Make a Difference Today

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Can you imagine what life would be like if we were all the same? Yet, the truth is, that's oftentimes what we pursue.

Why do you avoid being different? Avoid sharing the “different” idea? Doing things differently? The truth is, if you want to make a difference, it starts with doing something different. It starts with choosing different.

You were put on this earth, not to conform to the lives and ways of others, but rather to be transformed, constantly learning and growing, and in turn transform the lives and world around you.

Wired to Conform

Society trains us to fit in, to do what others do, and seek out what others have. This is part of the reason why no one really wakes up and says to themselves, "I want to be different today". We, instead, wake up ready to chase what the world tells us to chase and consequently our lives trend towards empty.

I read a quote awhile back that said if we want to raise our kids to be different, they are going to feel different. And even though it was about kids, I took it to heart.  It was such a good reminder that "different" doesn't always feel good. If we want to be different, live different, and raise our kids to be different, too, we can't expect the feeling to feel how we've always felt it. And as a parent, we of course don't want our kids to struggle. Yet, if we want to raise kids who are confident in their own skin and have the courage to leave their own unique imprint on the world, we must embrace the reality and help them build the resilience while they're under our wings.

The bottom line is that you are different and that is what makes you. It's what makes what you do and how you do it all so amazing. Don't run from different. Embrace different. Remember, that's what will leave an impact and in the end, it's what will make a difference.

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