Dear Fellow Mom, You're Not Alone

Dear Fellow Mom, You're Not Alone

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These are challenging times for moms.  As if working wasn’t enough, the pressures today are truly unlike anything before. We no longer have the privilege of leaving our messes behind as we rush out the door and head into work. We must witness them daily, which means we must clean, wash, make, and fix like never before. And while we are at it, we need to be working while teaching, preaching, helping, disciplining, encouraging, and loving our kids.

We are all experiencing the true challenges and limitations of motherhood. We often feel alone and isolated, yet if you really think about it, we are anything but that.

We have an entire world alongside us. There are millions of moms feeling the same emotions that you are on one day or another. If anything, this season should teach us to start feeling again. To be reminded that we really are a huge community of moms trying to figure it all out.

Raise Your Hand

We've buried so many of our feelings and emotions in the business of life, and suddenly when we are confronted with facing our feelings, we quiver at the thought. Raise your hand if you resonate with any of these?

I need to discipline myself to do what needs to be done. I need to discipline my kids more.

I need more Jesus. I need more coffee. I need more exercise. I need more sleep. 

I love my kids. I would love a breather.

I don't want this stage of my kids to end. But, when will it end, really?

This all just feels like a lot. But, this is the simplest life has ever been and likely ever will be.

I have fears. But, I have faith. Why can’t I get them to line up correctly?

What's the minimum necessary that I need to do? Ugh, but I need to be doing more!

I need to extend more grace to my kids. I need to allow myself to feel God's grace.

I need to stop obsessing over what everyone else is doing, and start being more present exactly where I am. But, why can’t I stop looking at what everyone else is doing?

Good news - you are normal and you are not alone! Today, so many moms are experiencing the feelings of helplessness, isolation, and exhaustion. We all need the reminder that we are all in this together.

Next Steps

No one has the answers. Stop searching for them on Instagram, Facebook, and the big, worldwide web. Take a deep breath, phone a friend, talk to God, love your kids, and focus on the good. Give yourself permission to ask for help in any form - prayer, counseling, therapy, health, food delivery, house cleaning, or friends. Prioritize the must-dos over the need-to-dos. Replace shame and guilt with grace and love. Instead of your giving a time out to your kids today, give yourself a time out to refresh, reconnect, and reengage with what matters most. It's all right in front of you.

The bottom line: Reach out, look up, and know that you are not alone.

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