A few years ago, I had this little seed planted in my heart to create a space for women... a space that I found I desperately needed, too.  I wanted a place where I didn't feel "alone" - alone in the mountains and valleys of life, in parenting, in the pursuit of big dreams.  A safe place to learn and grow,  filled with insight and mentors. Above all, I wanted it to be a place that was rooted in TRUTH.  Simultaneously, I was hearing the resounding words from women everywhere - "empty", "exhausted", "overwhelmed", "stuck", "lonely", "I wish I had a mentor".  And so... the steps started...one after another after another. 

After spending the majority of my career connecting people back to their purpose, I decided to connect back to mine and took a leap of faith.

My new life goal: Dedicate my work to helping women live out their dormant dreams, feel more alive and purpose-filled, unburdened by the untrue stories they've told themselves.  Figure out a way to surround other women with encouragement, life and business tips, inspiring stories, mentors, and lots of tools to live out a success story they won't regret.

....and so here we are! You, Me...US!

When I'm not working, you can find me in the kitchen cooking or baking up something wholesome, chatting with friends (new and old) at a local coffee shop, writing something fun, on a family adventure, or hanging out with my three boys. Life is an adventure. Don't miss it! 

For the people who like to know the official stuff...


I've spent over the last decade in leadership, coaching, and consulting. I've trained thousands of leaders, healthcare workers, and front line staff on everything needed to build an exceptional experience -  for both their teams and consumers alike.  My primary work has been with large healthcare systems, using certifications in lean six sigma, training in international business and leadership development, and my MBA to develop simple, holistic, and sustainable strategies, efficient processes, and create exceptional experiences.  I believe that what you see on the outside (what you "experience")  is the byproduct of "inside" work.  Remove barriers for customers,  inspire and engage your people, lead yourself so you can lead others, and always be adding value to people.  Excellence will follow. 

MBA, Texas A&M University

BBA, International Business & Human Resource Management, Baylor University 

Sic 'Em and Gig 'Em!

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